Giveaway: Quonquont Farm PYO Flowers Club Membership!

Quonquont Farm PYO Flowers Club

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Enter to win a membership to Quonquont Farm PYO Flowers Club in Whatley, MA. A great gift to give for Mother’s Day!

We can learn so much through the lens of flowers, including botany, ecology, and even evolution. Flowers can also positively impact well-being and can be gifted to others (and yourself!) as an act of loving-kindness. This year, treat yourself to a summer of flowers with Quonquont Farm PYO Flowers Club!

For over 15 years, Hilltown Families has been interpreting the educational and social value of local events, resources, and opportunities, while encouraging community engagement as a method for strengthening a sense of place. One such resource is Quonquont Farm in Whately, MA, and their PYO Flower Club

This spring, in anticipation of Mother’s Day, Hilltown Families and Quonquont Farm have partnered up to offer an opportunity to win a membership to Quonquont Farm’S PYO Flower Club!


One lucky winner will receive a membership to Quonquont Farm’s PYO Flower Club. This membership is for a 32-ounce tub plus membership card that entitles the bearer to fill that container five times throughout the season ($65 value). Select from among the 200 varieties in their cutting garden, fill your container to capacity, present your membership card to the staff to mark, and let your creativity flow. The container holds approximately 1 pound of flowers–enough to make a good-sized bouquet for yourself or divide in two and share with a friend. A membership a fantastic gift for Mother’s Day!  

Quonquont Farm PYO Flowers Club


Enter for a chance to win a 2021 membership to Quonquont Farm’s PYO Flower Club ($65 value) below. The deadline to enter for a chance to win is Sunday, May 2nd, 2021, by 11:59pm (EST).


One Comment on “Giveaway: Quonquont Farm PYO Flowers Club Membership!

  1. Congratulations to Lisa O. of Worthington, MA, winner of our Giveaway: Quonquont Farm PYO Flowers Club Membership!

    Thank you to everyone for participating and Quonquont Farm for offering a PYO flowers club membership to our readers. Many beautiful sentiments were shared as a response to the questions, What does a “sense of place” mean to you? Here we have gathered several to share as a collective community response:

    When I think of sense of place I think of history, memories, beauty, calm, and enjoyment.
    Home is everywhere a flower garden blooms.
    A feeling of calm, acceptance and love.
    Feeling connected to your local community and environment, a sense of belonging, home.
    For me, a “sense of place” evokes the feeling of comfort that comes from familiarity. It it isn’t ‘home’, it’s certainly an extension of home. Having a sense of place means you feel centered there, rooted, immersed and the things you touch, hear, smell taste, and smell there reinforce your feeling calm and confident. Touching, breathing in…surrounded, filled, and fueled by the familiar. This is where you’re meant to be or, at the very least, it is a source of care/rejuvenation/inspiration that has you headed down the right path.
    The unique vibe you get when visiting a location that is special to you. You just feel like you belong there.
    Somewhere that you feel like you belong and are truly aware of your surroundings
    Safety comfort beauty
    The land on which my family and I live has become my place. I honor and respect the Nipmuc and Pocumtuck people who lived on this land before me, and I feel positive and excited about the future of this land. We are growing food, flowers, and animals, as well as raising children and caring for each other. This place is my home, and I’m so grateful.
    Feeling like you belong somewhere… that you are part of it.
    The way I experience belonging . I’m satisfied , happy, and grateful.
    A sense of place to me is when I enter an environment that makes me feel grounded. A place that seems natural and freeing. Anywhere in nature for myself; especially native habitats/ landscapes.
    A place where all my senses are engaged and they are not in conflict.
    Hmm good question! It suppose it has to do with the physical place and the connection to it be it social, spiritual, emotional, economical etc. A structure/ land and what it stands for, what occurs within/on it and the memories or purpose tied to it.
    Somewhere, that can be inside or outside, but you feel a complete sense of belonging. No matter how you show up, your welcomed and feel at home. Whether it’s outside in a beautiful setting or inside with family or friends. It could be a favorite place such as a library if your a book lover or a coffee shop if coffee is your thing or outside in a field of flowers. You just feel comfortable and joy.
    To me, a sense of place is not an actual place. It’s a feeling of peace I get when the elements align. It’s the smell of recently turned dirt, freshly mown lawn, and lilacs on a spring breeze. It’s a clean house with the windows open and daffodils on the dining room table. It’s a little bit of nature in my day to keep me grounded.
    Fulfillment in what you have around you and a strong connection to your environment.
    A “sense of place” is a feeling that you get when you are fully immersed in a place. Not just rushing here and there, but truly visiting a space and you use all of your senses to pick up the truest meaning of that place and all that was put into it.
    Being part of a place and feeling it is part of you. It can be a place you have lived all your life, or a new place that you immediately feel you belong in.
    Soil, trees, sky, air, seasons that feel like home.
    To me, a “sense of place” means spending time in your surroundings and taking the time to be mindful of the beauty and wonder that is around us. It also means noticing all that a place has to offer, both the good and the not so good, but appreciating it for what it is.
    A place where I can be at peace, that allows me to be completely at ease in body, mind and spirit. A place so present, that I’m one with everything.
    A place in which you enter, either physically or spiritually, and are greeted by the things you love
    A sense of place is a sense of belonging, where one can be one’s whole self, where one feels connected to the people, the land, the community.
    A “sense of place” is somewhere that feels calm. Known. Comfortable. Familiar.
    A “sense of Place” refers to that feeling deep in your soul that connects with and feels at one with a certain area. It is not intellectual, it is deeper; it is spiritual.
    It means feeling comfortable and at ease in my surroundings.
    Where you feel comfortable, where you can free to be yourself.
    It means having a place I can be myself and feel a sense of belonging. I feel a sense of place when I am in my home, surrounded by those who I love and who love me for who I am.
    creating, connection and understanding our bioregional profile
    Feeling grounded and connected to the source.
    In my mind, having a sense of place is synonymous with living in franklin county/Western mass
    A ‘sense of place’ to me means being in a certain position or being for a moment in time.
    A space to feel grounded, at peace, and able to be yourself.
    It means having a place I can be myself and feel a sense of belonging. I feel a sense of place when I am in my home, surrounded by those who I love and who love me for who I am.
    Sense of place for me means my childhood home. My parents have worked really hard to create a beautiful yard with wildflowers. They have taught our family to enjoy the simple beauty found in nature. My mom has always taught us to appreciate the simple things, love and family are free and meant to be nurtured. It would be a great honor to win this opportunity to bring more joy and beauty to my mom for she has always done that for me & my sister! Thank you for the chance to add to her happiness on Mother’s day.
    Watching my childhood hometown sports team on TV even though I’ve lived far away for decades. Seasonal rituals in beautiful Western MA settings such as blueberry, peach and apple picking at Quonquont Farm!
    A location that engenders memories and feelings of calmness and belonging
    Sense of place means welcoming, friendly, warm, inviting, awe-inspiring, open and relaxing. A place where people gather because the peace that’s invoked draws you back in…again and again.
    It means a feeling of peace with where you are, whether that is a physical place or a mental/emotional state.
    Sense of place is what I immediately felt when moving to the hilltowns. Being in our own private space and with nature on a daily basis. There is nothing like it!
    I would say it’s a strong emotional reaction or feeling towards a certain space
    Being comfortable and at peace with myself wherever i am at the moment.
    Sense of place is enjoying and seeing all the hard work of my gardening come together and be enjoyed and appreciated by family and friends. Such a compliment when one asks to come see your gardens
    It means home. Home within and home in the world. It means trusting the experience of the preset moment.
    It is about the memories of joyous moments as well as familiarity of the area and space around me. I have been transforming the home I raised my four children in to space that I love coming home to. All the memories are still here even as the space becomes my own. One of the things I do for myself to lift my spirits is purchase flowers on occasion. They make me smile when I walk by them. This is a wonderful opportunity to be creative and design original bouquets to beautify the home.

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