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Steam Dream Team, Wendy and DB are back with their energy and sharing some music by some amazing children’s performers on the next episode. Get a little math and science lesson, learn about technology, and be a little artsy in this episode of the Hilltown Family Variety Show!

HFVS STE(A)M Episode
with Guest DJs, Wendy & DB
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“Here Comes Science” They might be giants

“Ask Questions” Erica Rabner

“Clouds” Wendy and DB

“Rainbow” Saul Paul feat. Lucy Kalantari

“Positrons” Marsha and the Positrons

“Electric Cars” They might be giants (featuring Robin Goldwasser)

“Los Planetas” Nathalia

“Stardust” Alina Celeste

“All the rivers run” Two of a Kind

“The Abyss’ Animal Farm

“Phytoplankton” Elizabeth Mitchell (Science Fair)

“Inventors” Pop-ups

“From the Heart” Wendy and DB

“Two’s today” Little Miss Ann

“Weight and Measures” Miss Amy

“Math” Roy Moyes III

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