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Salamander Dance book cover

Discover the magic of vernal pools – wetlands that fill with water in the spring and dry up in the summer – by following the spotted salamanders’ annual life cycle. From shimmering eggs and wriggling larvae to metamorphosis and hibernation, these ephemeral wetlands are alive year-round, but nothing compares to their spectacular springtime Salamander Dance!

Salamader Dance
“While the wood frogs sing “Clack! Clack! Clack!,” the salamanders twist and turn, swing and sway.”

“This beautifully illustrated book not only focuses on the life cycle of the spotted salamander but also provides an overview of the ecology and biodiversity of remarkable vernal pools. I can’t think of a better way to get young readers hooked on nature than by introducing them to one of my absolute favorites – the spotted salamander.”

James W. Petranka, Professor Emeritus, UNC-Asheville, author of Salamanders of the United States and Canada.
Salamander Dance
“Through slippery leaves, down muddy slopes, salamanders slide silently into the rising waters of their vernal pool.”

“David FitzSimmons does it again, making the natural world come brilliantly alive. We sway and dance along with the salamanders, then settle down in the vernal pools with the larvae to watch them grow. Michael DiGiorgio captures the rhythms, too. His pictures dance.”

Jane Yolen, author of Owl Moon and You Nest Here with Me
Salamander Dance

“A delightful non-fiction picture book! A must-have for families who value nature-based learning through the lens of the seasons, and a must-read every spring in anticipation of the return of vernal pools and the migration of spotted salamanders.”

Sienna Wildfield, Founder, Hilltown Families
Salamander Dance by David FitzSimmons
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