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Stacey Peasley is our guest DJ this week with an episode on ways music can make us feel empowered! “Music can make us feel strong, motivated, courageous, and brave while celebrating the uniqueness in all of us,” says Stacey. In this episode she has selected songs to share which have a special connection to feeling great, confident, and powerful.

HFVS Empowerment Episode with Guest DJ, Stacey Peasley
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1. Suzi Shelton – “Can You Feel the Power?” [Hand in Hand]

2.  Stacey Peasley – “Make it Happen!” [Make it Happen]

3. Jesse Jukebox – “Awesome!” [Awesome!]

4.  Kymberly Stewart – “Brown Boy Brown Girl” [Single]

5. Little Miss Ann, Amy D – “Keep On Keepin’ On” [Keep On]

6. Steve Elci – “Supersonic” [Jump in the Puddles]

7. In the Nick of Time – “Don’t Say Can’t” [Fun O’Clock]

8. Twinkle Time – “Mask it Up” [Single]

9.  Music with Gina – “Girls Are Strong” [All of Us]

10. Marsha Goodman-Wood “Sheep Don’t Wear Shoes” [[Gravity Vacation}

11. Ben Rudnick and Friends“Love is a Superpower” [Love is a Superpower]

12. Michelle Hopkins – “We are Heroes” [Have Hope]

13. Stacey Peasley – “What Girls Do” [Make it Happen]

14.  Two of Kind – “When I’m Strong” [So Many Ways to Be Smart]

15.  Susan Salidor – “Ruby B” [Susan Salidor Songbook}

16. Lori Henriques – “I Say Woo!” [How Great Can This Day Be]

17. SaulPaul –  “I am Enough” [Be the Change]

18. Karen K  – “Being Different” [Blue Bike Chronicles]

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