20 Recommendations for Staying Entertained Inside on a Snow Day!

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We asked our readers how their families stayed entertained when they are snowed in. Answers ranged from playing games to playing music and included arts & crafts, baking, reading, watching movies, and kitchen science! Let their timeless ideas inspire you on a snowy day!

20 Recommendations for Staying Entertained Inside on a Snowy Day

  • Amy M. writes: “Blokus, Backgammon, Spot It, Clue, puzzles…baking cookies…and what my girls call “book conferences” when we all get in bed and read together.”

  • Andrew W. writes: “Play banjo!”

  • Gillian B. writes: “Cozy up and read!”

  • Aviva S. writes: “We do arts and crafts, and read.”

  • Robin S. writes: “Board games!”

  • Leah P. writes: “Making forts, baking, arts and crafts, set up our tent for indoor camping!”

  • Prudence W. writes: “Games, reading, Scrabble.”

  • Samantha W. writes: “Reading near each other, watching movies, playing piano and making soups.”

  • Mercedes E. writes: “Baking cookies, reading, playing games.”

  • Amy Jean S. writes: “Baking, reading, coloring, playing music and lots of indoor activities that get you moving. My toddler’s favorite is a CD of music with different music for walking, marching, running (in place), skipping and formal walking. And watching the creatures outdoors.”

  • Michele L. writes: “Books, movies, baking, cuddling/napping…”

  • Mike & Mimi writes: “Creating, music, art, reading, homeschooling, cooking things that require the oven! Dancing! Exercising! Latin music hot hot hot!”

  • Jeremia P. writes: “We go outside.”

  • Dorothy Elaine L. writes: “Go Crazy.”

  • Amy C. writes: Playing Banannagrams. Art projects. Baking brownies.

  • Michael M. writes: Games. Reading. Audio books.

  • Kate B. writes: V.I.D.E.O.

  • Aime D. writes: Coloring, visiting with our awesome neighborhood kids, puzzle.

  • Joshua F. writes: Kitchen table science experiments involving snow – predictions and proposed variations can be drawn by the under-literate crowd.

  • Sienna W. writes: Make your own bubble recipe and then head outside and blow bubbles. You’ll be amazed in watching them freeze and then deflate!

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