Learning through the lens of HAUNTED HISTORY

Photo: Learning through the lens of HAUNTED HISTORY

Towns across Western Massachusetts have tales of haunted historic buildings, ghost sightings, and supernatural suspicions that lead people to wonder whether a place is haunted or not. Haunted tales are sometimes rooted in actual events or historical accounts from people of the past, and can add to the lore of a place. Find out about cemetery tours and local hauntings in our Sept/Oct Season edition of Learning Ahead: Cultural Itinerary for Western MA while supporting interests in history, paranormal activity, architecture, psychology, and physiology with this collection of videos for older teens and lifelong learners.

How did cemeteries become what they are today?
Discover why the Victorian mansion is a horror icon! [Warning: This video has a “jump scare” at the very end (4:50min).]
Ghosts of the Berkshires: The Mount
What could possibly be fun about being scared?
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