Learning through the lens of JACK-O-LANTERNS

Photo: Learning through the lens of JACK-O-LANTERNS

Called “pompions” by the first European colonists, pumpkins were a food essential to winter survival – and they were grown in many more varieties than they typically are today. The custom of carving pumpkins into Jack O’Lanterns was introduced to American culture by Irish immigrants, influencing our cultural landscape to this day. Traditionally carved from root vegetables, including turnips and potatoes, new hybrids of pumpkins are grown specifically for carving. For today’s self-directed learning module, follow your curiosity and learn about history, folklore, culture, and artisan techniques through the lens of jack-o-lanterns!

“Why not carve a turnip this Halloween instead of a pumpkin? Find out where this old tradition came from and discover how to carve your own turnip to terrify the trick-or-treaters with this Halloween.”
“Learn a few practical tips to carve a Halloween jack-o-lantern…”
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