Learning through the lens of SEEDS

Photo: Milkweek Seeds

Lessons in science and the humanities are integrated when using seeds to teach about botany, history, and culinary arts.

Seeds and their pods appear not only in our natural landscape, but they also fill our social scenery. Stalks of corn are bundled together with scarecrows as autumn decorations. Pinecones are scented with cinnamon and sold in stores. Sheaves of wheat are gathered with a variety of seed pods and sold as bouquets. Indian corn is hung on doors or added to centerpieces. Illustrations of acorns adorn circulars in the mail or accent classrooms.

But the influence of seeds aren’t always so evident. They often reside in liminal spaces, waiting to be discovered, eager to release their fullest potential, and do not know doubt. Never has a maple tree sprung from where an acorn has been planted.

Let seeds lead and teach valuable life lessons while revealing their social impact and historical significance. Read more in our post, Mindful Engagement through the Seasons: Seeds, and support your interest in fiber arts, plant biology, candy, slavery, history, snack foods, theater, and the value of perseverance with these selected videos:

“Dig into the science of how cotton transforms from seed to fiber, and how these cotton fibers are used to make everything from fabrics, to currency, and fishing nets.” – TED-Ed
How did Theobroma cacao seeds go from a bitter beverage to the chocolate bars of today?
Nutmeg, the seed of Myristica fragrans, and its covering, Mace, became in high demand in the early 1600s. Learn about its use, plant biology, and much more of this delicious seed.
Let pumpkin seeds lead the way in your learning about culinary arts!
How did popcorn seeds become a tasty treat at the movies? Learning a little history through the lens of this mighty seed!
Here’s a story about the perseverance of the the might oak seed, the acorn.
“This is a book about a bad seed. A baaaaaaaaaad seed. How bad is he? Just wait until you find out in this read aloud!”

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