Hilltown Families Presents: The Tom Knight Show, “The Elephant’s Lullaby”

The Tom Knight Show: “The Elephant’s Lullaby”

Hilltown Families and western Massachusetts musician/artist, Tom Knight, have partnered up to offer a series of singing puppet shows for families at home, featuring puppets, songs, and dancing for all ages. In episode four, Tom teaches the motions to the Elephant’s Lullaby and sings the story of the little elephant who doesn’t want to go to sleep. Also, Tom learns that Allie has been borrowing his phone. This has been a popular staple of Tom’s live puppet show for 20 years, and he’s pleased to share it with you in this new video form.


Tom Knight is a multimedia artist, based in Haydenville, MA.  He has been delighting children and their grown-ups with his original, interactive, musical puppet show since 1988 with a unique blend of musicianship and puppetry shows. With his release of five CD’s for children and over 900 performances at festivals, museums, and libraries across the country, Tom Knight’s show are always lively and engaging for an intergenerational audience.


Hilltown Families presents is a program of Hilltown Families, a community-based education network serving all of western Massachusetts, partnering with local artists, performers, individuals, organizations, and small businesses in the delivery of educational and entertaining video content for families at home. Interested in participating? Send your proposal to swildfield@hilltownfamilies.org.

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