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Sheep Shearing & Maple Syrup Episode

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The moment that we have been waiting for all winter is here: Sugar Season!  The ground is thawing, and the sap is running. Maple sugaring is everywhere, giving great reason to get out with your family to sing about all things maple! Along with sugar season comes the shearing of the sheep. Two seasonal markers of the coming of spring in the northeastern region of the United States. In this week’s episode, learn songs not only about maple syrup but sheep shearing and spring traditions in New England. — Download Hilltown Families Season: March & April issue of Learning Ahead to discover more about the seasonal markers that connect us to place in Western MA.

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Featured Video: Do you know what a skeuomorph is? You can find them all over your electronic and computer devices: the letter icon for your email; the trashcan symbol on your computer; the shutter sound you hear when taking a digital image; old-school telephone icons and rings on your cell phone. These are examples of skeuomorphs, features that echo the design of an outdated or lesser used artifact or physical object. What does that have to do with maple syrup? Take a guess and then find out in this video from Tech Insider.

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  • Lunch Money – “Wake Up, World” – Dizzy
  • Pete Seeger – “Maple Syrup Time” – Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger
  • Kitty Donohoe  – “Maple Syrup” – Bunyan and Banjoes
  • Phil Rosenthal – “Buffalo Gals” – This Land is Your Land
  • Nashville Bluegrass Band & Kid Pan Alley – “Extra Hand” – Kid Pan Alley
  • Carla Sciaky – “Sheep Shearing” – Spin the Weaver’s Song
  • Justin Roberts – “Field Trip” – Pop Fly
  • The Hipwaders – “Field Trip” – Goodie Bag
  • L. Frank Baum – The Story of Baa-Baa Black Sheep
  • Teresa Doyle – “The Shearing” – If Fish Could Sing … and Sheep Could Dance
  • Matt Nathanson – “Starfish and Coffee” – For the Kids Too
  • Moxy Fruvous – “Maple Syrup Time” – If I Had a Song: Songs of Pete Seeger Vol. 2
  • The Hipwaders – “Things You Want” – Goodie Bag

Original broadcast: Feb 2009

Original broadcast: Feb 2009Save



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