Community-Meals: The Sunday BBQ!

Strengthening a Sense of Place through Community Barbeques

Throughout history, community has been built through the sharing of food. Shared throughout the world as a universal human need, food provides a common thread through which all people can be woven together. Community meals offer much to families regarding learning opportunities, supporting intergenerational engagement, storytelling, and establishing a shared history. An additional benefit of community meals is that the theme of food serves as a common interest for all those involved, providing a foundation upon which for further connections to be built. During the late summer, community harvest meals are great intergenerational opportunities to sit down with neighbors of all ages, making connections and nurturing relationships across the generations. Participating in a community meal does more than filling your belly… it strengthens the social fabric of the community by developing a sense of place in our children!

There are a few annual community harvest meals to check out in the late summer include the Plainfield Volunteer Fire Department annual community chicken barbecue. On the Sunday before Labor Day, dinner is served starting at 1pm and includes a 1⁄2 barbecued chicken, locally grown baked potato, corn on the cob, homemade cole slaw, dinner roll, slice of watermelon and a beverage. Behind the Shaw Memorial Library. Main Street. Plainfield, MA.

Mid-September is the annual Florence Public Chicken Barbecue Community! From 12-3pm, hosted by the Florence Civic and Business Association. 90 Park Street, Florence, MA.

If a public BBQ has you motivated to heat up the barbeque at home, here’s a bit of culinary inspiration to get you in the kitchen with your kids to help prep a delicious meal:

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