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Transitions Episode with Guest DJ, Lucy Kalantari

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What do David Bowie, Harry Belafonte, and Sara Lovell have in common? They are fantastic, and they are on this playlist! GRAMMY Award-winning artist, Lucy Kalantari, Guest DJ’s this episode about the constant flux in life, changes, and transitions.

Saturday from 9-10am & Sunday from 7-8am
April 27th & 28th, 2019
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA

Featured Video: From the GRAMMY Award Winning Album, All the Sounds by Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats, a young cellist, Darius Kalantari, plays this little tune teaching listeners musical terms and the joy of making music.

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  • Butterfly Boucher – “Changes” [Shrek 2 (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)]
  • Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights – “My Butterfly” [What A Zoo!]
  • Marsha and the Positrons – “The Monarch Butterfly Song” [Positronic]
  • The Nields – “Butterfly” [Science Fair]
  • Vered – “You’re Gonna Be” [Songs For Sisters And Brothers]
  • Margot Bevington – “Changes (feat. Ruth Tousignaut)” [One and Two Is Three]
  • Kath Bee, Claudia Robin Gunn – “Making My Way” [Making My Way]
  • Queen – “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” [A Night at the Opera]
  • Teeny Tiny Stevies – “Light As A Bubble” [Helpful Songs for Little People]
  • Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats – “I Know A Little Fellow” [All the Sounds]
  • Mclusky – “Rice Is Nice” [My Pain and Sadness is More Painful And Sad Than Yours]
  • Sara Lovell – “The Problem Song” [Wild Is Everywhere]
  • Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats – “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” [All the Sounds]
  • Harry Belafonte – “Oh Freedom” [My Lord What A Mornin’]
  • Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could – “I’m Coming Out” [Under the Big Umbrella]
  • Tim Seston – “Time to Look Back” [Here to Play]
  • Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats – “All the Sounds” [All the Sounds]

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