Community-Based Education Network: March Highlights

Creating a culture of intentional learning, together!

Recent highlights shared from a growing network of Community-Based Education Network™ (CBEdu) affiliates:


A Community-Based Education Network ™ (CBEdu) is a community engagement framework developed by Sienna Wildfield which supports a social movement towards a new culture of learning. The guiding principles of a CBEdu Network begin with the aim of creating and contributing to an intentional culture of learning within the context of the places we live (and visit). By engaging with local events, resources, and opportunities as a method of supporting interests and education, and through leveraging local culture that promotes community values, the principles applied through a CBEdu Network strengthen a sense of place while giving communities agency over their learning. The result unites people, places, interests, and personal/community values through purposeful engagement that strengthens the social fabric of our communities through shared interests and values.

Do you have a favorite article, video, image, or podcast you’d like to see shared by one of our Community-Based Education Network™ affiliates? DM us via Facebook or tag @CBEduNetwork.

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