Conversation Highlights: The Sunday Edition, Jan 20, 2019

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Children and teenagers need wilderness and adventure in their lives and who better to model it to them than us, their parents and caregivers! Where’s your favorite local spot for outdoor adventures in the colder months? Give the post, “Why Kids Need Wilderness And Adventure More Than Ever,” a read and share what you might add to their list.

Are you a parent of a teenager? What are your experiences/challenges with helping them boost their self-esteem? Check out this post, “Five Ways to Help Teens Build a Sense of Self-Worth” and share your thoughts!

“School-based yoga can help children better manage stress and anxiety: Researchers worked with a public school to add yoga and mindfulness activities to help third-graders screened for anxiety at the beginning of the school year.” We share the an article, “School-based yoga can help children better manage stress and anxiety” and asked reader to share if their child’s school offer mindfulness activities.

How do you help your kids understand and deal with their inner critic? Check out the article, “How to Teach Your Kids about Their Inner Critic,” and share your thoughts & ideas!

ICYMI, here are a few popular The New York Times articles from the past year packed with advice that may help parents in the year ahead.

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