Reiki Positive: Steps to Generate Positivity

Steps to Generate Positivity

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Break the trance of fear, then shrink the fear with positive energy with these 7 tactics.

  • Name your fear so it cannot ambush you – All of us are afraid of something, but rather than run away or freeze, fear can open you to opportunity and growth. It’s a useful negative emotion to study and gain more knowledge about yourself. Always lock eyes with the fear, name it, and thank it for teaching you, BUT it is not in charge of your life – you are!
  • Listen to your intuition – Practice getting quiet in a deep trance style, with a drum, or guided, or silent, or walking, or in any way you can coax your “brain chatter” to quiet down. Intuition comes to each of us differently, keep listening for it. I hear my intuition when I write or when I listen to moving water. Search for your inner voice.

  • Say a prayer to lift fear – This is a very powerful tool. We all need help from the universe. Grace is a magic that many of us don’t use. I teach my kids to wish or pray for help daily. “May I stay surrounded by positive energy and be filled with wisdom and peace.” It will protect you from negativity when you send positive prayers out into the universe. Always ask for help.
  • Make a list of gratitude – Counting your blessings has long been a step to happiness and peace, as defined in several religions over centuries of time. In the pursuit of positivity or happiness, it helps to be grateful for what already exists.
  • Visit an energetically uplifting place – In every mode or method for creating good feelings and energy, the most useful is stimulating the five senses. Listen, watch, smell, taste, and touch nature, like the woods, a lake, a beach, the ocean, etc… Go to a place in reality or imagine a place that is soothing in your mind. This will create more positive energy within you.
  • Heal energetic scars – If fear is persistent and you can’t stop yourself from feeling or thinking negatively, then seek professional help; from a therapist, a social worker, a Reiki Master, a Shaman, a life coach, a clergy member, someone who will help you to change your thought patterns that are replaying from the past. At times, the past energy must be released with some assistance.
  • Avoid absorbing other people’s fears – Don’t gossip and spend too much time with people that are complaining or angry or resentful. We can rejuvenate in positive places with positive people. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to truly change your life.
  • Bonus: Let go of self-loathing, anger, worry and shame – In each type of spiritual teaching, from Reiki to Shamanism to Buddhism and more, the philosophy is ALWAYS to start by letting go of negativity. This is the time in our lives when it’s the most important choice you make each day. Every positive choice counts, even the little ones.

Bulleted list by Judith Orloff, MD from her book Positive Energy. Explanation by Alison Vale.

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Alison Vale

Alison was born and raised deep in the woods of Pennsylvania, where her childhood imagination ran wild and free. As a scabby-kneed tomboy she seemed fearless, yet as she grew older, her fears and anxieties clearly got worse. She attained her Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology. As a clinical researcher and biostatistician at a university medical center for 18 years, Alison co-authored many medical articles and observed first-hand the short-comings of conventional medicine. She left clinical academia to become a Reiki Master Teacher and author. Her goal is to forge energy medicine into conventional medicine and share more intriguing stories and workshops. She has an 8-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter, and is still learning every hour of every day how to parent.

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