Dear Parents, Teachers, and Mentors of High School Students who might be interested in STEM…

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst Department of Polymer Science and Engineering would like to announce an exciting opportunity for high school students interested in hands-on experience in STEM. The ASPIRE program, led by graduate students in the department of Polymer Science and Engineering at Umass Amherst, is a FREE outreach event that invites high school students to participate in a series of experiments in polymer chemistry, physics, and engineering for 5 Saturdays in January and early February 2018. Their goal is to create a platform for potential young scientists to experience the excitement of lab work, wrestle with scientific concepts, and have an opportunity to talk with graduate student mentors about our experience with science in college and beyond. Here are some of things participants can expect:

  • Get hands-on experience in a science and engineering lab
  • Do experiments in polymer chemistry, physics, and engineering
  • Learn about electron microscopes, 3D printers, chemical synthesis, and more
  • Plan and run your own one-day independent project

If you know a student (or multiple students!) who might be interested, please spread the word!

For more information, please contact the PSE ASPIRE 2018 Organizing Committee by email at or visit their web page at

The ASPIRE 2018 application form (DEADLINE December 1st) can be found at

And finally, here is the link to the ASPIRE Facebook

Happy sciencing!

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