Literature Guide for Eve Bunting’s The Wall Sheds Light on Love and Loss at Veterans Day

Literature Guide for Eve Bunting’s The Wall Sheds Light on Love and Loss at Veterans Day

The Wall (Reading Rainbow Books) by Eve Bunting (Author),‎ Ronald Himler (Illustrator)

Narrated through the eyes of a child, The Wall is an emotional and thought-provoking story.  A young boy and his father – pictured in the cover illustration – visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC to find the name of their grandfather and father, respectively.  They’ve traveled a long distance, and the immense significance of their visit to the dark, reflective memorial is evident.

Alongside the pair are many other visitors from all walks of life – students, families, people young and old pass by to, similarly, find a name and pay their respects.  Small tokens of remembrance dot the base of the memorial, flags, photographs, and flowers sending unwritten messages to those remembered.  Together, the boy and his father honor their family member’s life and in doing so, teach readers volumes about the impact that war can have on a generation and a community.

While Bunting’s story spotlights only veterans who were killed in combat, there are a great many other veterans who received the title through military service, both in combat and here on our own soil during times of peace.  Using the local resources outlined in our accompanying literature guide, as well as those available in the Veterans Day installment of our Learning Ahead Cultural Itinerary, families can utilize the community as a curriculum for learning about veterans, their experiences, and the role that they play in our community.

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