SciShow: Teaching the World of Science Through Video

SciShow: Teaching the World of Science Through Video

Spotlighting the most engaging and fascinating of scientific topics with brevity, SciShow brings kid-friendly web-based doses of science to screens everywhere! Offered through SciShow’s Youtube channel are dozens upon dozens of videos teaching about everything from plasma to the influences of science fiction.

Science-curious learners of almost any age can take advantage of the information offered through SciShow’s videos in numerous ways, including gaining exposure to new topics, solidifying understanding of topics already explored, or adding background knowledge to topics explored through experience.  Scientists can get the most out of SciShow videos if they are paired with relevant life experiences (anything from observations of nature to chemistry experiments), but the engaging videos can allow viewers to learn even without blending life experience with SciShow viewings.

SciShow’s videos range in length from one- or two-minute mini-shows to full-length 20 or 30 minute features; most of the channels videos, though, fall within the 8-10 minute range, making them perfect for families. Watching a video (or two) offers exposure to ideas and vocabulary, but doesn’t lead to excessive amounts of screen time.

New viewers can explore SciShow’s entire library through their main Youtube channel page, but might benefit from exploring specific categories within the channel’s collection. Highlights of SciShow’s collection include SciShow Kids, which explores science in a way that is friendly for the youngest of viewers; SciShow Talk Show, where SciShow hosts are joined by special guests; SciShow List Show, which uses a list-based approach to exploring specific topics; SciShow News, which focuses on science-related current events; and SciShow Space, which takes viewers into the endless reaches of the universe to examine everything from black holes to donut-shaped planets.

Looking for more web-based science resources? Check out STEMBite, a YouTube channel that offers mini-doses of science via Google Glass.


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