Clapping Games 101

“Clapping games continue to resonate across modern-day playgrounds. Although they have an earlier history, these games found real popularity in the 1960s, traveling to England from America and filling playgrounds across the country. They can be employed in a number of situations: to pass time while waiting in line, to play with a large circle of friends, or to keep your hands warm on a cold day. Enticingly, they offer the chance to demonstrate to your peers your ability to memorize and enact dazzlingly complicated rhythms and rhymes. The songs vary in complexity, from basic songs such as ‘A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea’ to hybrid pastiches drawing upon established clapping songs, pop songs, TV shows and actions. The result is a fantastically varied genre of play in a constant state of transition.” – The British Library

Life is full of patterns and the more exposure kids get with practicing, following and identifying them, the better! Studies have shown that hand clapping games, an organic summer camp & playground activity, provide that educational access to learning patterns and are a great brain boost. When you think of it, it makes perfect sense! Hand clapping is something we’ve done from even when we were in diapers, spurring motor skills that help us find simple and complex rhythms.

Clapping games are terrific summer time fun that can be done in the car on long road trips, in the sand at the beach, while waiting in line for your favorite ride at the amusement park, and so on! Read on about the different clapping games you can introduce into your child’s learn-scape. We’ve include resources to show you how: Hand Clapping Games: Summer & Schoolyard Creative Free Play that Supports Learning.

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