Fiber Arts, Math & Mindfulness: Handmade Holiday Gift Idea

Knit Something!

Remember the knitted items you saw during the Agricultural Fairs towards the end of the summer? Get ready for next September’s aggie fairs while working on gifts for others this season! At, you to search for free knitting patterns that can help you come up with your next project gift idea.  Perhaps a one-skein hat? A pair of mittens?  Or a hand-knitted cowl?  Knitting is not only a fun activity and great way to hand-make a gift, but it’s also a wonderful way to get together with fellow knitters of all ages and knit together!  Who knows what new stitches you’ll learn and the new friends you’ll meet! 

An age-old skill, knitting provides us with some of our most treasured warm clothes. Learning the art of knitting can not only help to provide warmth, but can lead to explorations of local history, local agriculture, and complex math – and families can even engage in service-based learning by donating hand-knitted goods to help support people in need! Read more in our post, Knitting Supports Explorations of History, Agriculture & Mathematics.

But knitting isn’t only a great gift to give to someone else, it’s a great gift to give to yourself. The simple act of knitting has positive effects on our mind in body. Read more in the article, Why Crafting Is Great For Your Brain: A Neuroscientist Explains and this video…

In addition to libraries, there are many local yarn stores in the area that offer free drop-in knitting hours or classes to help you get started.

[Photo credit: (cc) Jamie McCaffrey]

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