Learning through the Lens of One-Room Schoolhouses: Featured Events

3 Community-Based Events Support Interests & Education Through the Lens of One-Room Schoolhouses

An interest in one-room schoolhouses can be a lens into learning about New England history, education, and local industry. Here are three free community-based events coming up this month that supports these intersections of learning!

Saturday, September 24, 10am-4:30pm
The Wapping Schoolhouse
Historical one-room schoolhouses provide insight into local and New England history, as well as the history of families, childhood, and education. Harvest Day for Families at Historic Deerfield will feature visits to The Wapping Schoolhouse and early 19th-century lessons for grades one through fix. Participate in early math, reading and writing lessons, as well as recess with historic toys! The whole family can be a part of this day. Learn about early agricultural life as you celebrate the fall harvest this year. 413-774-5581. 80 Old Main Street. Deerfield, MA. (FREE)

Saturday, September 24, 1pm-3pm
Northeast School
Meet at Northeast School, a one-room schoolhouse in the Berkshires, to learn about local history on a walking tour with Gloria Morse of the Richmond Historical Society. You will see historic structures of the area including this historic school listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the former Branch Tavern, once a popular 18th and 19th century stopover on the stagecoach route.  981 Summit Road. Richmond, MA. (FREE)

Saturday, September 24, 1pm-4pm
Norwich Bridge School
Find out what education was like in the late 1700s through exploration of the books, documents, maps, artifacts, clothing, tools and other historical items at the Norwich Bridge School during an afternoon guided tour, offered by the Huntington Historical Society. Corner of Worthington and Littleville Roads. Huntington, MA. (FREE)


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