History Through the Lens of “What If?”

AlternateHistoryHub Promotes Consideration of Context in Studies of Human History

Every event in our own lives directly influences the next – and similarly, everything that we do as a country, a culture, and as humans influences all that comes after. Every major historical event – from battles and assassinations to natural disasters and deadly diseases – has shaped the events that follow it, making our timeline of human history not just a series of events, but a gradual and (so far) endless chain reaction of events.

So what if some of the major events that are part of our human timeline had never happened, or had happened differently?

YouTube channel AlternateHistoryHub is dedicated to exploring the alternate versions of human history that would have or could have taken place had things worked out differently at particular moments in time. This method of examining history is creative, but incredibly educational. While it can be almost funny to imagine what the world would be like had the dinosaurs never died out or had the lost city of Atlantis truly existed, considering such changes in human history not only teaches viewers to be flexible in their understanding of the past, but challenges them to see the influence that each featured event has had on everything that has followed it.

AlternateHistoryHub’s videos address important ideas and concepts, but present information in a way that is engaging and accessible to viewers of almost any age. In order to truly understand the significance of the ideas presented, viewers should have some knowledge of US and/or world history – meaning that teens and tweens can benefit the most from AlternateHistoryHub’s resources (some savvy older children might enjoy them as well!).

Families can use AlternateHistoryHub’s videos to support studies of specific time periods, historical figures, and/or events, or can utilize the video library as a resource for exploring unfamiliar ideas. There are almost endless videos, all pairing maps, photographs, and other similar images with cartoon-like representations of people, places, and things relating to the topic addressed.

Families can search the entire AlternateHistoryHub library, or can browse through mini-libraries centered around topics like American history, Germany winning World War II, and pop culture events, wherein videos consider what the world would be like following major fictional events from popular culture (think Godzilla and zombies).

Whether used for fun or to support formal learning, AlternateHistoryHub’s videos promote the development of critical thinking skills in the study of history and challenge viewers to think not only about specific people, places, and events, but the context in which these things exist.

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