Great Big Story Shares Highlights of Human Experience

Great Big Story Shares Highlights of Human Experience

Created specifically to share human interest stories separate from daily current events news, CNN’s Great Big Story (or GBS, for short) is aptly named. The web-based project publishes videos at a rate of 3-5 per day, spotlighting cultures, communities, creatures, and other curiosities from all around the world. In doing so, GBS allows viewers to educate themselves about everything from emergencies in outer space to doctors making home visits to the homeless. While the project’s target audience is young adults, the information presented in GBS’s videos is accessible to teens and tweens, and perhaps even to older children.

While the project’s videos are numerous and their topics varied, each mini-documentary links viewers back to the same big idea: the untold stories of the world. A great many web-based projects aim to do essentially the same thing, but many emphasize the “wow” factor of such stories, and miss the true meaning behind the people, places, and ideas they spotlight. GBS, however, does both: each video features something or someone that is truly amazing, and does justice to the person or place’s story – allowing truth to be shared, and allowing viewers to utilize GBS videos as a resource for learning about the human experience and life on earth. 

Having existed for just over six months, the GBS library is already filled with hundreds of videos. The project’s website features each day’s stories prominently at the top of the video feed, while the Great Big Story YouTube channel separates videos into subcategories that allow viewers to search by topic. These ten categories include Take Me There, an exploration of the world’s most fascinating and unknown places; The Dreamers, which spotlights some of the most creative and ingenious uses of modern technology; and Pecos Tatum: A Cowboy by Blood, a multi-video documentary on a 10-year-old rodeo champion. Other categories focus on topics like food history, extraordinary humans, natural science, and human life in outer space.

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