Hilltown Families Pop-Up Open House

Stop by our Pop-Up Open House taking place during the WGBY Asparagus Festival on Saturday, June 4, 2016 from 10am-6pm.  Come meet some of our board members, staff and volunteers and learn about the work of Hilltown Families and how you can get involvedLook for our tent on the Hadley Town Common while perusing all of the family fun activities this annual local food festival has to offer.

Hilltown Families believes in creating resilient and sustainable communities by developing and strengthening a sense of place in our children and citizens through community based education and engagement.  We work to accomplish this by highlighting the embedded learning that is found everywhere in our communities, making the information accessible to families, and giving parents/educators access to opportunities that supports their children’s interests and education while encouraging community engagement. We do this by connecting, collaborating, and creating community building events, community based educational opportunities, and community service learning experiences.

Now a decade old, Hilltown Families is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, serving thousands of families living throughout western Massachusetts. Through an online grassroots communication network, Hilltown Families connects people and organizations in the widespread communities of western Massachusetts by helping area residents share ideas, organize activities, support their children’s education and increase participation in community life.

See this TEDx Talk, Supporting Education Through Community Engagement, where Hilltown Families founder, Sienna Wildfield, shares the story behind the vision and mission of Hilltown Families. 

About the WGBY Asparagus Festival

Once known as “the asparagus capital of the world,” Western Massachusetts is still home to hundreds of working farms and many more locally-owned  restaurants and breweries. Join local PBS member TV station WGBY to celebrate the spirit (or,  perhaps, “spear-it”) of our rich local food and craft beer movement at a free, family-friendly party WGBY calls the Asparagus Festival.  WGBY’s Asparagus Festival will be held Saturday, June 4 on the Hadley Town Common from 10am-6pm and will include live music, craft beer, local food, local vendors, cooking demos, agricultural displays and family friendly activities. WGBY’s Asparagus festival is free and open to the public. Find out more at wgby.org/asparagus.


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