Supporting Spanish-Language Learners

Spanish Playground Shares Resources for Supporting Spanish-Language Learners

As the second most widely spoken language in the world, Spanish is certainly a worthy second language. Learning to speak Spanish can open doors both big and small, connecting non-native speakers to cultures and communities worldwide – including right here at home in western Massachusetts. Whether language studies are done formally or informally, second language acquisition requires lots of exposure and practice. 

Families seeking to support children of any age in learning Spanish as a second language can look to Spanish Playground for ideas, resources, and support. An online educational resource for all things relating to learning and practicing Spanish, Spanish Playground is the Hilltown Families of language learning, connecting families to a wide variety of educational resources and opportunities that can easily be adapted to fit any learner’s needs. Created by a long-time Spanish and English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, the site features rich information that can be applied in any kind of educational setting, no matter how formal or informal the learning.

Included within Spanish Playground’s many offerings are subcategories for Spanish-language toys and games, books, songs, and web-based activities. Alongside these categories – the contents of which are updated frequently – are special sections for vocabulary practice and photograph archives, giving Spanish-language learners a wealth of images to support them in acquiring and using specific vocabulary words.

In addition to using resources shared through Spanish Playground to bolster Spanish studies, families can take advantage of some of our own resources for engaging with Spanish language and the cultures of Spanish-speaking locations around the world. Our literary guide for Arthur Dorros’ Abuela connects readers to a bilingual text and the immigrant experience in America, while archived posts from Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou’s column, “Music Trekking: Traveling the World in Song” expose readers to the history of La Bamba in Mexico and the music of Spanish-speaking Andean communities in South America. Some special episodes of the Hilltown Family Variety Show connect listeners to Spanish-language music and culture from around the world, thanks to the expertise of guest DJ’s like Mister G and Moona Luna.

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