Thank you for Your Support During Valley Gives

A gigantic, resounding THANK YOU to everyone who made a generous gift to Hilltown Families for ‪Valley Gives‬ Day. Your support is a testament to your belief in our core work- helping ensure members of our community are connecting, collaborating and creating community building events, educational opportunities and service-based learning experiences. And, we are excited to share that we met our $500 match from Northampton Area Pediatrics, so your donations had double the impact!! Together we are building a sustainable and resilient community! ‪#‎WeAreHilltownFamilies‬

THANK YOU Ronna Kullberg, Ann Fisher, Amanda Saklad, Kurt Heidinger, Nina Sitron, Bobbin Young, Alison T Noyes Buchanan, Ginny Hamilton, Barbara Solow, Ellen Doyle, Julie Richburg, Sarah Prince, Melanie Dana, Kristin Famighette, Rick Plaut, Nandini Talwar, Wheatly Gulmi-Landy, Kimberly Schlichting, Lisa Goding, Susan Neal, Jennifer Reese, Kaitlyn Holloway, Adam Cohen, Maureen Turner, and Grendel Books!

Did you miss making your donation? You can do so at any time:

Donation Dedications:

  • Ronna Kullberg: “For the many ways Hilltown Families supports and strengthens our communities.”
  • Ann Fisher: “Thank you on behalf of Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation!”
  • Amanda Saklad: “Hilltown Families fills a much needed space – connecting families and giving ideas for being out and about. Thank you!”
  • Kurt Heidinger: “I dedicate this to all the stonefly nymphs Biocitizen has collected with Hilltown Families, that showed us how clean the Westfield River is!”


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