Mobile Art Boxes Support Placemaking in Florence

Florence Night Out Celebrates with Return of Mobile Art Boxes

Mobile Art Boxes will be blooming in Florence again this spring. These wonderful storage containers/pop-up galleries are part of the village-wide festivities that are happening as part of the 5th Florence Night Out, Friday, May 6, 2016. Florence Night out is a fun, free event that celebrates community through creativity. Starting at 3pm Florence will be hopping with art shows and open houses, an outdoor craft market and walking tours, special food and music all over town. Florence Night Out 2016 officially ends at 8pm but music events continue into the night.

Art is a broad term, referring of course to the visual arts but also to music, film, storytelling, theater, and other forms of human expression. The subject of art can be an interesting pathway into philosophical discussions, since opinions on the definition and value of art vary across individuals, Oscar Wilde once said that, “all art is useless,” possibly meaning that the value of art lies in the object itself, not in how it is “used.” The process of making art, however, can have many practical uses. Creating art, whether you are a professional artist or you are just doodling to pass the time, has therapeutic benefits.

Where art is located or performed may influence the way we think about it. Artwork preserved in a temperature-controlled gallery, for example, may affect viewers differently than land art or sculpture. Land art is a medium in which installations are made from natural elements of nature such as soil, rock, leaves, branches, water, etc, and left in that natural environment. As opposed to gallery artwork, land art is meant to be changed over time by weather and environmental events. Land art draws connections between order in nature, and the organization which humans impose upon nature, as these elements blend over time. Gallery art is sought out intentionally, while land art can be stumbled upon by accident.

Mobile Art Boxes mix elements of both land art, gallery art, and other installation forms. These works of art are created in and around DIY Mobile Boxes, 8’x8’x16’ storage units. As such, they are partially enclosed, yet mobile. The Mobile Art Boxes at Florence Night Out on Friday, May 6, 2016 will be placed all over downtown Florence, allowing for the chance of being stumbled upon by accident as well as sought out by attendees of the event. Each box will contain the work of a single artist: Fafnir Adamites (experiential installation,) Denis Luzuriaga (video), Justin Norris (painter/dancer/graffiti artist), Alicia Renadette (sculpture), Joe Saphire (sound/performance), and Jenny Vogel (installation). Connect with Florence community members as you explore these unique works of art!

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If you feel inspired to bring artwork home with you, check out the craft market in the Florence Civic Center. Those interested in local history can participate in a walking tour beginning at 6pm at The Ruggles Center. For a complete schedule, please visit the Florence Night Out website. This placemaking event will happen from 3pm-8pm all around downtown Florence… and is free!

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