Mindful Consumption at the Up Up Fair

Up Up Fair Promotes Locally Sourced Goods and Mindful Consumption

Sharing some similarities with a craft fair, the Up Up Fair (first of its kind!) promotes local goods created to serve a purpose. Connecting the community with local sources for useful goods, the fair promotes mindful consumption and buying local!

The Frontier Community Enrichment Partnership is bringing a new kind of event to western Massachusetts: an all-local Up Up Fair! The event is centered around the sharing of useful, practical, and/or upcycled goods (the event’s namesake) created by local crafters and artisans. Held on Saturday, March 19th, 10am-4pm in South Deerfield, the Up Up Fair offers a unique opportunity to access locally produced goods.

While the Up Up Fair is similar to a craft fair, it differs in that it emphasizes locally made everyday items that serve a clear purpose, rather than items that are beautifully crafted but serve as extras or add-ons in our everyday lives. In featuring such goods, the Up Up Fair caters to a wide audience: while some of us may not have the time or money to buy fancy extras, we all need certain useful items eventually. Additionally, the Up Up Fair’s emphasis on useful goods encourages the community to consider their own consumption of goods. Rather than shopping for extras and consuming more than is necessary, visitors to the Up Up Fair can consume mindfully, paying close attention to what is actually needed in their household. 

In addition to showcasing the wares of local creators, the Up Up Fair will also include an opportunity to share surplus useful goods with others. A “de-stash” table offers families the chance to unload surplus yarns and textiles, thinning out crafting collections to share the wealth with others. Families attending the fair can peruse the goods on the de-stash table in order to find useful materials, too!

The Up Up Fair will be held at the South Deerfield Congregational Church, located at 71 North Main Street in South Deerfield. Lunch will be available for purchase at the event, and a variety of musicians will play throughout the day! The Up Up Fair presents families with a unique opportunity to find local resources for their everyday needs, share and swap craft materials, and build community through food and music!

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  1. The Fair is free. Look for the public page on Facebook under UpUp Fair- gather and thrive. Useful, Practical, Upcycled
    It’s in South Deerfield next to Tilton Library. 71 North Main St.
    Hope you can make it, Julie at fcepcoffeehouse@gmail.com

  2. The Up Up Fair will be held at the South Deerfield Congregational Church, located at 71 North Main Street in South Deerfield.

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