Geography Expo Invites Self-Directed Studies of World History and Culture

Geography Expo Invites Self-Directed Studies of World History and Culture

The 8th Annual Geography Expo is an intergenerational geography fair featuring the work of students from all school choices throughout Berkshire County and beyond. It’s free to participate and open to all, taking place on Thursday, May 5th, at the Berkshire Atheaneum in Pittsfield, MA. Want to participate? Pick your country, state or region, sign up, and get busy studying and preparing your presentation! Sign up details below.

Where in western Massachusetts can families sample international cuisine, learn about world history, examine foreign landmarks, and collect passport stamps? The annual Geography Expo offers all this and more – and now is the time to become a part of this unique educational celebration!

Held on Thursday, May 5th, 2016 at the Berkshire Athenaeum from 6-8pm, the Geography Expo showcases the work of self-directed learners from all over western Massachusetts. Participants spend weeks (or even months!) independently researching a country, culture, region, or moment in history, and create museum-like displays to share what they have learned and to educate visitors to the event about their chosen topic. Displays can teach visitors about a topic through text, images, and/or models, and can also include experiential components – giving young learners the opportunity to imagine the best way in which to teach others about what they’ve learned. Common experiential learning elements to expo displays include samples of traditional foods and crafts or games derived from a specific culture. 

While the Geography Expo’s name implies a geographical focus for displays, participants have the freedom to choose what aspect of a specific country to focus on. Families could choose to study a country as a whole, or might zoom in on a specific region within it. Similarly, projects might focus on a culture specific to a particular country, or could spotlight an important historical event or era in a country’s history. When signing up, participants must specify the topic that they wish to study so as to prevent duplicate displays, but it is possible for there to be multiple displays focused on one country so long as their focus differs. One participant might, for example, choose to study the geography and culture of China, while another might spotlight the history and creation of the Great Wall of China.

The Geography Expo offers families a unique opportunity to turn creativity and curiosity into meaningful learning with a clear purpose, and the event provides a venue within which to share learning sparked by a variety of interests. Art, architecture, language, religion, math, biology, geology, literature, and even family history and genealogy can all come to life through country-centric studies!

For more information about the upcoming event or to sign up, contact Robin Ribero at There is no required age range for participants, and while the event caters to homeschooling families, it is open to any and all self-directed learners!

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