HFVS Hullabaloo Animal Zoo Episode with Guest DJ, Steve Denyes (Radio Show/Podcast)

Hilltown Family Variety Show

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Hullabaloo Animal Zoo Episode with Guest DJ, Steve Denyes

Steve Denyes of Hullabaloo creates the “Hullabaloo Animal Zoo”, playing his favorite animal songs by his favorite artists. Plus, Steve tells the world’s shortest short story! — www.hullabalooband.com

Saturday from 9-10am & Sunday from 7-8am
March 5th & 6th, 2016
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA

Featured Video:  “I Chew” by Hullabaloo

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Listen to Podcast:

  • Casper Babypants “Stompy the Bear” [Hot Dog]
  • Casper Babypants “Bunny Brown” [Hot Dog]
  • Hullabaloo “I Chew” [I Chew]
  • Papa Crow “Fireflies” [Full Moon, Full Moon]
  • Heidi Swedberg “Little Birdie” [My Cup of Tea]
  • Casper Babypants “Sugar Ant” [Hot Dog]
  • Casper Babypants “Crazy Blue Beetle” [Hot Dog]
  • Hullabaloo “Senator John Arthur Clydesdale III” [I Chew]
  • Elska “Winter Bear” [Middle of Nowhere]
  • Elska “Arctic Fox” [Middle of Nowhere]
  • Hullabaloo “Worm With Wings” [I Chew]
  • Red Yarn “Mole in the Ground” [Deep Woods Revival]
  • Red Yarn “Grizzly Bear” [Deep Woods Revival]
  • Red Yarn “Animal Fair” [Deep Woods Revival]
  • Hullabaloo “Shake, Shake, Shake” [I Chew]
  • Vered “Galloping Horse” [Hello, My Baby]
  • The Not Its “Funniest Cat Video” [Raise Your Hand]
  • The Not Its “Bee’s Knees” [Raise Your Hand]
  • The OkeeDokee Brothers “Black Bear Mama” [Through the Woods]
  • Ralph’s World “The Mighty Worm” [Peggy’s Pie Parlor]
  • Ralph’s World “Puppy Dog” [Peggy’s Pie Parlor]
  • The Hollow Trees “Free Little Bird” [Wacky’s Tackle]

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