Art, Music, Engineering & Science Through the Lens of Creative Free Play

10 Days of Play Blends Art, Music, Engineering, and Science Through Creative Free Play

Play in any form is good for the human brain, and the Berkshire Museum is offering a week and a half of play-based learning during the 4th annual Ten Days of Play event! Blending hands-on activities and play-based learning with musical performances, gallery shows, zoology, engineering, architecture, and fine art, this exciting event offers a myriad of exciting opportunities to engage in creative free play and the meaningful learning that such activities promote. 

Kicking off on Friday, February 12th, 10 Days of Play coincides with Pittsfield’s 10×10 Upstreet Arts Festival, and stands out amongst the festival’s offerings as a rich, interactive, and universally appealing experiential arts experience. True to its name, 10 Days of Play offers ten days’ worth of creative free play in the Berkshire Museum’s Crane Room, where LEGO bricks, colorful magnetic blocks, sturdy architectural building panels, and giant-sized building blocks will be available for visitors’ building pleasure. Museum-goers of all ages are free to partake in creative free play (and perhaps some ingenious engineering projects) from 11am-3pm daily, and from 12noon-3pm on Sundays during the duration of the event. Additionally, families can help to kick off 10 Days of Play with a Free Community Night, where families can partake in creative free play admission-free from 5:30-7:30pm.

Alongside the museum’s special play-based activities is the ArtZoo exhibit, a gallery show featuring animal-centric art and actual specimens from nature arranged by species and habitat – just like a zoo. Visitors to the museum can explore the menagerie housed inside this gallery show, taking care to examine the many different creative ways in which the specific qualities of fascinating creatures are showcased.

Noisy play comes to the museum on February 13th and 14th, when Junkmusic with the Junkman brings the unique sounds of music played on re-purposed items to the Berkshire Museum. Blending science and music, the Junkman creates amazing music out of surprising materials – inspiring listeners to consider the ways in which size, shape, and material help to create the unique sounds of any and all instruments, no matter what they’re made out of. In addition to twice daily interactive performances during his visit, the Junkman will lead Junkjams, during which visitors become the performers, jamming out with sticks and recycled materials. Make-and-take activities allow families the opportunity to create their own re-purposed chimes, putting the Junkman’s theory into practice and inspiring further creative explorations of sound!

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