Call for Submissions: Mobile Library to Showcase Handmade Miniature Books

Call for Submissions: Mobile Library to Showcase Handmade Miniature Books

A caravan-library filled with miniature handmade books sounds like something out of a dream (or the sequel to The Night Bookmobile), it’s a reality, and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you! The Tiny Book Show, a traveling exhibition of artists’ books, is housed in a 1965 Covered Wagon caravan, will be visiting western Massachusetts during its tour during the summer of 2016. In preparation for its adventure, The Tiny Book Show is offering artists and bookmakers everywhere the chance to craft their own miniature reading material to be added to the minute shelves of the traveling library.

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Created by Food for the Soul Train and based in northern New Jersey, The Tiny Book Show will be an intergenerational creative project, offering itself as a venue in which artists, writers, and bookmakers from many different communities can come together. The collaborative nature of the way in which the library will be created allows for communities to join in creative conversation with each other, their work standing in creative conversation together on the show’s shelves. 

Local families can look forward to viewing The Tiny Book Show when it visits western Massachusetts, thanks to support from local libraries and community organizations (such as The Art Garden). Additionally, families can play a role larger than viewer in The Tiny Book Show’s visit to the neighborhood. Food for the Soul Train is currently accepting submissions of small handmade books for the traveling exhibit, offering families a chance to explore the art of bookmaking, and challenging them to creatively share concise messages. Locations and dates of The Tiny Book Show’s visits throughout its summer tour are still being determined, but local artists can be sure that at least one opportunity will be available locally for library-exploring and bookmaking workshops.

Books submitted for The Tiny Book Show’s library must be no larger than 3”x3”, and must be submitted by December 1st, 2015. Books included in The Tiny Book Show will be sold as the mobile library travels throughout the United States, and artists whose books are sold will receive 60% of the selling price after the exhibit has ended. Artists are asked to pay a $5 submission fee along with their books, with exceptions being made for teachers who send a collection of student work all in one shipment. For more information about the specifications for submission, contact

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