Dance for Kindness! Join in on the 4th Annual Dance for Kindness Flashmob

Cultivate a Culture of Kindness by Dancing!

Celebrated annually on November 15th, World Kindness Day was created through a partnership called the World Kindness Movement to highlight and promote the role of kindness in cultures and communities all over the globe. While there are many ways – big and small – to celebrate the day and spread kindness, perhaps the most visible way to promote this year’s World Kindness Day is by dancing!

Taking place in 80 different cities in 32 countries, and encompassing a group of dancers that’s over 10,000 strong, Dance for Kindness promotes World Kindness Day (as well as a year-round commitment to spreading kindness) with an exciting freezemob and flashmob event! Held on Sunday, November 8th, Dance for Kindness brings together kindness-committmed dancers all around the world to engage in the same choreographed dance in order to raise awareness for their compassionate cause and to encourage others to do the same. The flashmob dance not only draws attention, but highlights acts of kindness through carefully planned poses.

Want to join the movement? A local installment of Dance for Kindness will take place in Northampton on Sunday, November 8th! Dancers of any age or ability are welcome to participate, so long as they agree on the importance of promoting a culture of kindness and spreading kindness with the world around them. Interested participants must register for the event in order to view (and learn from) a choreography video. For more information about the local event or to get answers to specific questions, contact group leader Ida Weiss at

For further ways to become involved in the worldwide kindness movement, families can use resources offered by Dance for Kindness’ supporting organization, Life Vest Inside. The organization has many suggestions for simple ways that families can take action, including a card campaign and volunteering to become a kindness ambassador. Families can also utilize Life Vest Inside’s Kindness Curriculum to learn together about what it means to have a culture of kindness and ways to spread such a culture to those around them.


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