HFVS Funny Girls Episode with Guest DJ, Kelly Donohue (Radio Show/Podcast)

Hilltown Family Variety Show

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Funny Girls Episode with Guest DJ, Kelly Donohue

Kelly Donohue of the kindie band Here Comes Trouble is our guest DJ this week!  — www.herecomestrouble4kids.com

Saturday from 9-10am & Sunday from 7-8am
September 5th & 6th 2015
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA

FEATURED VIDEO:   “Gingerbread Man” by Lunch Money off of the album, Spicy Kid

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  • The Jimmies – “Gonna Get a Hampster” [Practically Ridiculous]
  • Here Comes Trouble – “Little Red Car” [Goo On My Shoe]
  • Joanie Leeds – “Good Egg” [Good Egg]
  • Andrew and Polly – “Grapes” [Grapes (Single)]
  • Karen K and the Jitterbugs – “Big Ol’ Truck” [Big Ol’ Truck]
  • Here Comes Trouble – “Bubbles In My Bath” [Goo On My Shoe]
  • Lori Henriques – “Heisenberg’s Aha” [Science Fair]
  • Big Block Singsong – “Princess” [Greatest Hits]
  • The Singing Lizard – “Imagination” [Make Believe]
  • Jennifer Gasoi – “Pizza Man” [Songs For You]
  • Here Comes Trouble – “Spill The Beans” [Goo On My Shoe]
  • Lunch Money – “Gingerbread Man” [Spicy Kid]
  • Milkshake – “Recipe” [Great Day]
  • Cheryl Wheeler – “Potato” [Sylvia Hotel]
  • Anita Renfroe – “Momisms (To the William Tell Overture)” [Total Momsense – Single]
  • Ethel Merman & Howard Keel – “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” [I Got the Sun In the Morning]
  • Laura Doherty – “If All Of the Raindrops” [Songs for Wiggleworms]
  • Marsha Goodman-Wood – “Sheep Don’t Wear Shoes” [Gravity Vacation]
  • Here Comes Trouble – “Don’t Eat the Mailman, Doggie” [Goo On My Shoe]

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