3 Community-Based Creativity Projects Support Visual & Language Arts

Community Creativity: Upcoming Projects Offer Avenues for Youth Art and Writing

Upcoming community art exhibits, collaborative projects, and writing contests provide young artists and writers with meaningful venues for their work. Children and teens can develop confidence, share their work, and engage with their creative process by participating in an upcoming project, exhibit, or contest!

Young artists and writers can take advantage of a handful of community-based projects to serve as outlets for their creativity during the next month. Local youth who enjoy making art or using words to express themselves can create new pieces of art or writing for upcoming contests, or can submit preexisting works to be displayed in a community art exhibit. In using local contests and community art exhibits as catalysts for work production, young artists and writers will ensure themselves a venue and an audience for their work – two things that can encourage them to continue to develop their skills in art and writing.

Teen artists are invited to submit works of any kind to an upcoming community exhibit at the The Art Garden. Following an optional theme of “On My Mind,” the exhibit encourages teens to create works inspired by their own thoughts (or anything else!). Submissions of both 2D and 3D work are welcomed, as are performance art pieces, which can be shared at the exhibition’s opening reception on Saturday, June 13th from 6-8pm. Every teen who submits work will have at least one piece displayed, and teens are welcome to submit multiple pieces. Work must be submitted by Sunday, June 7th in order to be included in the exhibit. For more information, contact csartgarden@gmail.com.

In addition to submitting work to a community art show, young artists can try their hands at art for a picture book and enter Luminarium Dance’s cultural community outreach project, The Amherst Storybook Project. Working in conjunction with The Eric Carle Museum, Luminarium Dance has created a months-long collaborative community-based creative endeavor that combines art, dance, and writing in order to produce a picture book that encompasses the spirit and artistry of the area. Divided up into multiple phases, the first step that will be taken in the creative endeavor is to gather artwork submissions from the community. 12 works will be chosen for inclusion in the book, and during the gathering process, some images will be featured on the project’s Facebook page. Young artists through middle school age are encouraged to share their artwork. The deadline to submit work is June 30th, and further creative steps will be taken once final decisions have been made – allowing space for writers to include their voices as well.

Finally, the Friends of the Berkshire Athenaeum invite young writers to be a part of the 37th annual Short Story Writing Contest for Children and Young Adults held at the library. Open to writers ages 5-18, the contest encourages writers to create original short stories to be judged within five different age categories. Stories submitted to the contest will be judged based on originality, writing style, and appeal. There is no prompt to begin with, no theme to follow, and no character or phrase to include – writers can choose to create stories about anything they want, so long as they feel comfortable sharing them! The deadline to submit work is July 20th, meaning that writers have lots of time to write, re-write, edit, and put finishing touches on their work.


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