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National Parks Episode with Guest DJ, Jeff Wolin

Join Guest DJ, National Parks Service Ranger Jeff Wolin (aka Ranger Jeff) from his ranger station in the mountains of Colorado for a musical tour of our National Parks. While families are dancing and singing, everyone will get a musical exploration of our country’s great natural and cultural treasures. From a polka about a revolutionary war hero to sea turtles in the Gulf Islands, this national park themed show will keep you moving and perhaps inspire you and your family to visit a park near you!

Saturday from 9-10am & Sunday from 7-8am
May 30 & 31, 2015
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA

FEATURED VIDEO:  “Let’s Move Outside” by Erica Falls from Songs for Junior Rangers

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  • Bruce Barnes – “Humps, Hooves, and Horns” [Songs for Junior Rangers]
  • Lucky Diaz (featuring David Lee Garza) – “De Colores” [Aqui, Alla]
  • Jim Gill – “California” [Jim Gill Sings Moving Rhymes for Modern Times]
  • Dee Dee Graves – “Spelunca Funka” [Songs for Junior Rangers]
  • The WhizPops – “Manta Ray” [Sea Blue Sea]
  • Jeff Wolin – “Turtle Up, Turtle Down” [Songs for Junior Rangers]
  • Trout Fishing in America – “Thaddeus Kosciuszko Polka” [Songs for Junior Rangers]
  • Trout Fishing in America – “Martin Luther King & Rosa Parks” [Big Round World]
  • The Banana Slug String Band – “River Song” [We All Live Downstream]
  • Jeff Wolin – “Beach Party at High Altitude” [Songs for Junior Rangers]
  • Erica Falls – “Let’s Move Outside” [Songs for Junior Rangers]
  • Bruce Barnes – “New Orleans Jazz” [Songs for Junior Rangers]
  • Billy B. – “The Peregrine” [Nature in the City]
  • Jeff Wolin – “Explore, Learn, Protect” [Songs for Junior Rangers]

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