Let Them Grow: Getting Engaged Through Blowing Bubbles

Let Them Grow by Candice Chouinard

Giant Bubble Day

Bubbles are so much fun for everyone, they are strange and exciting and have the characteristics of a liquid, soil and air all at once. Infant and toddlers will want to explore all areas of the bubbles. Making giant bubbles is so much fun for adults as well. Try to encourage the toddler not to eat them or get them in their eyes. Otherwise let them play.


  • J Lube Powder: 1 Tablespoon
  • Dawn Ultra Dish Soap: 24 Oz
  • Water 3 gallons
  • 3tb Baking Powder
  • 100% Cotton Rope (remove non-cotton core if any)
  • Bamboo Garden Rods
  • Duck Tape
  • Other bubble blowers, wands, cut water bottles
  • Small washer for weight on string

Mixing the ingredients

  • Mix the Dawn ultra and 1 tablespoon of J Lube Powder until there are no lumps
  • Add 3 tablespoon of baking powder
  • Blend totally until there is no lumps
  • Mix in 3 gallons of water
  • Make sure there are no suds. If there are suds, skim them off the top.

Creating the bubble wand

Using the bamboo rods attach the rope with tape.

What to talk about

Bubbles are fascinating to people of all ages. Talk to your toddlers about how to move slowly when creating bubble. Talk about big and small bubbles. Talk about what it means to break and pop bubbles. For older toddlers discuss what it means to float, to be like air. What else floats? Balloons? You can also introduces the different between liquid and solid…. but this may be difficult for toddlers to understand, though it does not hurt to introduce the concept.

Developmental Area Addressed

Bubbles can be a sensory exploration; it can be a fine motor experience holding the big rods or small wands, as well as a large motor one. Chasing the bubbles, jumping to pop them. Bubbles are pure science; they are math with measuring, matter air, liquid and solid. .They can be a social-emotional experience with friends. Bubbles are magic and beautiful. Bubbles can evoke so many emotions and artistic explorations, they are dreamy and alive, have fun and let the toddlers explore.

Bubbles Action Song

Blowing blowing bubbles; blowing blowing bubbles
Blowing blowing bubbles – right up to the sky.
Splashing splashing bubbles; splashing splashing bubbles. Splashing splashing bubbles – don’t get them in your eyes.
Chasing chasing bubbles; chasing chasing bubbles,
Chasing, chasing bubbles – pop (clap), pop, pop, GOODBYE


Candice Chouinard has worked with youth of all ages and backgrounds, creating and implementing programing for children. She revels in hand-on, long-term, messy projects that are both fun and educational. Candice comes from a background in creative writing, as well as, child development and psychology. She owns and operates a day care in Northampton, MA.

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