Personalized Education for Teens in Holyoke Draws Upon Community-Based Learning

 Welcome LightHouse Holyoke to Hampden County!

Into the midst of the educational upheaval happening in Holyoke enters LightHouse Holyoke, Personalized Education for Teens, a new school alternative opening in September 2015. Located in the Innovation District of Holyoke, MA, LightHouse will support teens to pursue individualized educational paths while drawing upon community-based learning opportunities and courses.

Each student’s use of the program is personalized, and LightHouse offers four optional Pathways as a foundation: Entrepreneurship, Arts, Tech, and College Prep.  Learning overlaps in the 8-week classes. Additionally, students learn through tutorials – one-on-one, individualized learning experiences that generally (but not always) focus on core academic areas. Students further their learning by engaging with community organizations, allowing them to put theory into practice in real-life contexts. 

Teens interested in pursuing alternatives to traditional education should attend an upcoming information session with any their families. Held on Thursday, May 14th and Thursday, May 21st from 6-7pm at Gateway City Arts (92 Race Street in Holyoke), the sessions will share more information about the LightHouse model, as well as information about applications, tuition, and financial aid.  Meet the directors and hear from teens and young adults who have thrived in this model. LightHouse’s priority deadline for fall admission is June 15th. For further information about the program, visit them online at

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