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Chemists Celebrate Earth Day 2015 Illustrated Poem Contest

Combining science with writing and visual creativity is such a refreshing way to approach a complex topic. American Chemical Society is now seizing the day and holding an innovative poetry competition for kids that will drive them to explore different avenues in science.

Calling all young, creative-minded budding scientists! The Connecticut Valley Local Section of the American Chemical Society invites youth ages 5-18 years old to participate in the Chemists Celebrate Earth Day 2015 Illustrated Poem Contest! An annual event combining science with writing and visual artistry, the poetry contest encourages young writers to process their knowledge related to a scientific topic in a very non-traditional way. Unlike most science-based writing, writing created for the Illustrated Poem Contest won’t be centered around the task of explaining a concept or theory. Instead, entries in the contest will combine creative writing skills and scientific understanding to create a piece that is both beautiful and informative.

In keeping with this year’s theme, entries should address some topic within climate science that is related to water and chemistry. Suggested topics to consider include seasons, greenhouse gases, ultraviolet light, and atmospheric changes, and the level of depth with which writers address their chosen topic(s) should, of course, be appropriate to their age.

As the contest is open to students within a very wide age range, a variety of styles of poetry are accepted. Haiku, blank verse, free verse, end rhyme, limerick, ode, and ABC poems are all accepted, allowing poets of all ages a healthy amount of wiggle room in their writing process. Once a poem has been written, entrants should illustrate their writing in a way that shows understanding of the climate-related topic they have chosen. Illustrations can be created around a computer-printed version of a poem, or poems can be hand-written on lined paper and pasted onto a separate illustration.

Entries will be judged on not only incorporation of the theme, but on word choice, imagery, illustration, and incorporation of physical properties of water. Entrance to the competition is free, and entries are due by April 28th. For more information, contact Dr. Sharon Palmer at spalmer@umassk12.net.

[Photo credit: (cc)  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center]

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