RiverCulture: Another Success Story in the Western MA Arts Scene

Turners Falls Artscape Promotes A Diversity of Artistic Disciplines

Last month in our series spotlighting arts-based community organizations, we featured Easthampton City Arts+, which supports the community’s cultural identify. Across western Massachusetts, communities have become havens for artists of all kinds. The area is chock-full of painters, photographers, sculptors, potters, performers, and other creative types, their work saturating our communities with artistic expression in a wide variety of mediums. Connecting these artists and their work to the the rest of the community are arts organizations, which serve as valuable resources for connecting families with events and community-based learning opportunities.

This month, we highlight the work of Turners Falls RiverCulture, an organization combining art, history, and recreation to build connections between community members and the cultural learning opportunities that exist within Turners Falls. RiverCulture both creates community-based learning opportunities and serves as a vehicle for connecting the community with preexisting opportunities to access resources for learning about local arts and culture. 

Currently, Turners Falls RiverCulture holds Third Thursday community events, offering a wide variety of arts-related opportunities throughout the year. Each month’s Third Thursday event features gallery openings, live music, and opportunities to explore the work created by community members. In addition, RiverCulture offers a special event, activity, or celebration following the month’s theme – which could be anything from contests to conversing about the arts.

In addition to creating a monthly event to promote community engagement with the arts, RiverCulture maintains an online presence that offers valuable information to folks wishing to explore Turners Falls. Visitors to RiverCulture’s site can find information about current exhibitions in the city’s Main Street venues, parks to explore, and locations within Turners Falls (both cultural and otherwise) that are of particular interest to those wishing to engage with community-based learning resources. While RiverCulture’s goals are centered around community engagement with the arts, their online resources point visitors towards things like the Great Falls Discovery Center and Northfield Mountain, which offer opportunities to explore the local landscape and to engage with the community’s natural (rather than arts-based) resources.

Discover more about Turners Falls RiverCulture at www.turnersfallsriverculture.org.

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