Lenox Peeps Show Diorama Contest Presents Creative History Learning Opportunity

Let Your Puns Run Wild!

Peep through a history book or two in order to get ready for what might be the punniest contest of the year – the Lenox Peeps Show Diorama Contest calls for entrants to create dioramas featuring Peeps of any species as miniature mannequins in important moments in history. The most creative of dioramas not only dramatically display a piece of history, but use puns either in their title or within the diorama itself (think Declaration of Indepeepdence or the Leaning Tower of Peepsa).

Contest submissions will be unveiled at Ventfort Hall on Saturday, March 28th, where visitors will vote for their favorite diorama. The Peeples Choice Award will be given to the diorama with the most votes. Additionally, prizes will be awarded to the top three dioramas in each of three age categories – 12 and under, 13-18, and 19+. Following the unveiling, dioramas will be displayed throughout the town of Lenox at local businesses, allowing the creative and silly portrayals of the past to be shared with the entire community from March 29th until April 5th.

Participation in the contest presents an opportunity to creatively interpret a historic moment, meaning that families will need to learn about the time period during which the event took place, and should do some basic research to unearth details to be added to their diorama. Families could use the contest as an opportunity to learn together about a particular moment or time period in history, or could choose to portray something that’s already a familiar topic. Either way, creating a diorama is an opportunity for creative free play in that it will take some serious creativity to dress up and decorate animal-shaped marshmallows in order to make them look like humans from history!

All submissions must be accompanied by an entry form and dropped off at Ventfort Hall by 3pm on Friday, March 27th. Venfort Hall is located at 104 Walker Street in Lenox. More information is available by calling 413-637-3206.

[Photo credits: (cc) SEIU; (cc) NASA HQ PHOTO]

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