International Day of Happiness Celebrates True Meaning of Community

A Time To Connect Through Positivity

The International Day of Happiness is coming up! Celebrations worldwide all share one similarity: the sharing of positive messages with those around us. Families can promote community connectivity and share happiness with those around them when celebrating the special day, and might even take it as an opportunity to practice random acts of kindness!

At the very beginning of 2015, Hilltown Families made a resolution to spread kindness throughout the new year. This month, an international event supports our resolution! The International Day of Happiness is an event that promotes the sharing of happiness in the form of positive messages, support, and love to build connections and community. Developed in order to address the disconnect between people that exists in our modern culture, the International Day of Happiness is designed to combat this – little by little – by connecting people through shared positivity.

Held on Friday, March 20th, 2015, the International Day of Happiness will encompass events in communities all over the world. Families wishing to participate can register to create their own celebration, or they can share messages of kindness and joy on their own without affiliation. Many participants choose to share happiness through written messages held on posters in public spaces, while others choose to distribute small tokens that represent happiness – smile stickers or tiny notes that encourage positive thoughts. Another option for celebrating the International Day of Happiness is to practice random acts of kindness (which come in numerous forms) within your community. 

Whatever form your celebration of the day takes, it’s important! Sharing positive messages is a way to help people in your community feel more connected. Even if the connection that you build is small, or if you never talk to the people who read your positive message posters, it is still meaningful. As human beings, we need to feel connected in order to be healthy (both mentally and physically). Sharing happiness with those around you is a fantastic, simple, and incredibly positive way to show that you care and to promote a culture of caring amongst members of your community!

[Photo credit: (cc) Oliver Hammond]

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