Arts Enclaves Flourish in Easthampton

Easthampton City Arts Enriches Cultural Life of Western Mass Community

Western Massachusetts’ beauty has allowed the area to become somewhat of a haven for artists. The area is chock-full of painters, photographers, sculptors, potters, performers, and other creative types, their work saturating our communities with artistic expression in a wide variety of mediums. Connecting these artists and their work to the the rest of the community are arts organizations, which serve as valuable resources for connecting families with events and community-based learning opportunities.

In Easthampton, Easthampton City Arts supports a wide variety of cultural opportunities so as to strengthen the community’s cultural identity and to allow community members greater access to events that highlight arts and humanities. In doing so, Easthampton City Arts allows families to connect with arts-related community resources, and to engage in community events that support learning, like free workshops and exhibits.

From music to photography, Easthampton City Arts supports all facets of the community’s cultural scene, and enhances the community’s connections to such resources through Art Walk Easthampton, a monthly event highlighting gallery exhibitions, performances, hands-on activities, and much more within Easthampton’s downtown district and surround area. Held on the second Saturday of each month from 5-8pm, Art Walk pairs pre-existing cultural opportunities and resources with special events in order to create an event that is culturally all-encompassing. Art Walk events can include everything from opening receptions for exhibits of fine art to bonfires and fire-spinning performances!

In addition to Art Walk, Easthampton City Arts helps to promote cultural events and learning opportunities through an online community calendar where live events, exhibitions, and educational events are listed. Not only does the calendar serve as a resource for identifying potential learning opportunities, but it stands as a testament to the sheer number of cultural and educational events and resources that are available within Easthampton.

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    Creative businesses and individuals are invited to attend the Plug Into – the Creative Valley at Eastworks, 116 Pleasant Street, Event Space, Suite 160 from 6-8 PM on Wednesday, March 11, 2015. This event is free and open to the public.

    The evening will feature stories of Easthampton creative collaborations and invites all to participate in sharing their successes and challenges as part of the Western Massachusetts Creative Industries. This event is organized in collaboration with Easthampton City Arts+, Easthampton Co.Lab, and Eastworks with additional shared stories by others including LOOP, a pop-up event for upcycled artists and crafters that has previously teamed-up with Easthampton eatery Captain Jack’s Roadside Shack. The evening will offer some surprises and conclude with a tour of the Easthampton Co.Lab, a member-run co working space in Easthampton.

    Light refreshments will be provided by Captain Jack’s Roadside Shack and beverages offered by Eastworks.

    Space is limited to register:

    Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2015
    Location: Eastworks, 116 Pleasant Street, Event Space, Suite 160, Easthampton, MA
    Time: 6-8 PM
    Cost: Free but registration is encouraged

    Plug-in Organizing Collaborators:

    The Easthampton Co-Lab is a member-run co-working space in Easthampton, Massachusetts. We provide physical space and support structures for creative individuals and entrepreneurs to co-work and collaborate. We operate as a social enterprise, creating value for the community through our members and through public workshops and trainings.

    Eastworks is a dynamic and down to earth home for community-based organizations making an impact in the Pioneer Valley and beyond, whether through entrepreneurship, artists supporting and engaging each other’s initiatives, or the far-reaching work of non-profit foundations.

    Easthampton City Arts+, formed in 2005, enriches lives through the integration of arts, culture and community and promotes revitalization and protection of Easthampton’s cultural assets. ECA merged with the Easthampton Cultural Council & Art Walk Easthampton to form ECA+ in 2011. Easthampton City Arts+ is funded in-part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

    The Plug Into – the Creative Valley, a traveling event founded by the Western Massachusetts Creative Economy Network, brings together diverse businesses and individuals to network, develop relationships, and learn more about the creative work being done in the Pioneer Valley. The Creative Economy Network, a state-wide initiative is working to accelerate the economic growth of the Commonwealth’s creative industries across the state by focusing on key action items that will support and grow the regional creative economy industries including business development, access to capital, visibility, talent, and space.

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