Amherst Cinema’s Family Film Series- A Blend of Entertainment & Learning

Innovative Cinema Continues  to Give Great Consideration to Clever Programming

Amherst Cinema’s Family Films series showcases a handful of fantastic family movies. Not only are the films entertaining and engaging for viewers of all ages, many of them are historically or artistically significant as well – making the series both fun and educational!

Films for young audiences are far more than a way to keep kiddos quiet and entertained for a few hours. The best of such films include plots that are not only engaging for children, but that can be enjoyed by adults as well. And, in addition to engaging plots, the best of children’s film is artistic and creative to boot!

Families can enjoy some of the best of films for young audiences during Amherst Cinema’s Family Films Series. The series is an ongoing endeavor and features a varied collection of wonderful films that can be enjoyed by folks of all ages. Covering a wide rage of themes and styles of cinematography, the Family Films Series is not only entertaining but educational as well!  Here’s what they have coming up next month:

Saturday, February 28th brings Miyazaki classic My Neighbor Totoro to the big screen, offering Miyazaki enthusiasts a chance to enjoy the beautiful animation in a large format. Families who are not yet Miyazaki-lovers will certainly be after watching the film, which tells the story of two young girls who move to the Japanese countryside and discover that the nearby woods are filled with mysterious and friendly creatures. Not only does the showing provide an opportunity to examine Miyazaki’s animation-as-art, but the deeper theme of the movie will encourage families to consider their relationship with nature and their physical surroundings.

Next in the series (on Saturday, March 7th) is the 1939 installment of The Wizard of Oz, a charming musical adaptation of a children’s book which features an exciting black-and-white to color transition mid-film. Young film enthusiasts will love learning about the history behind the film and the significance of the sudden appearance of color midway through the story – not only does it align with the film’s plot, but it marks an important moment in film history, too!

March 14th’s showing brings a more recent film to the screen. The Iron Giant, made in 1999, tells the story of a young boy and his robot friend, with whom the boy becomes acquainted after he falls mysteriously from the sky. Eventually, government officials hear about the mysterious mechanical giant and instinctively prepare to fight back against the threat they believe it to represent. After watching the film, families can discuss the ways in which people approach people and things that are unfamiliar to them – is it better to act defensively, or to be patient and draw conclusions slowly?

One of the oldest films in the series is The Adventures of Prince Achmed, will be shown on March 21st. A German film in 1926, The Adventures of Prince Achmed is considered to be the first feature-length animated film. Created using a silhouette technique that involved manipulating sheets of cardboard and lead underneath a camera, the film is beautiful, mesmerizing, and of much historical import!

March’s Family Films Series showings wrap up on March 28th with Jim Hensen’s The Muppet Movie. Filled with an Oscar-nominated soundtrack and guest appearances by famous folks like Steve Martin and Mel Brooks, the movie is all-around silly and sure to please. Goofy though it may be, it too has a place in film history – filmed in 1979, the movie marks the beginning of decades’ worth of great Muppet entertainment.

All of the films shown as part of the Family Films Series will be screened at 10am on Saturday mornings. All tickets are only $5! Amherst Cinema is located at 28 Amity Street. More information about the series is available by calling 413-253-2547.

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