Building A Sharing Creative Community through Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards Promote the Spirit of Community

Does your family love to make and share art? Join ATCs for All in order to be part of an online community of artists, the purpose of which is to inspire creativity, and to collect and share artwork! Families can learn about the many different forms that art can take, while experimenting with new materials and connecting with other creative folks!

Following in the wake of Hilltown Families’ Annual Handmade Valentine Swap, the creative, collaborative, and community-building possibilities offered by ATCs for All share a common thread with Hilltown Families’ annual swap – the purpose of the organization is to make and share art with willing, eager, and inspired participants everywhere! ATCs for All (the ATCs being short for Artist Trading Cards) is a community-run group that utilizes a website in order to facilitate art sharing of all kinds!

Originally started in order to give creative folks a venue through which to share hand-crafted trading cards and mail art, ATCs for All now encompasses a wide variety of art forms, including (but not limited to!) stamping, painting, collage, fabric art, book-art, and altered art. While making and trading artist trading cards is still an important part of what ATCs for All offers, it’s not the only way to participate in art sharing! 

While participation in organized art trading is limited to only those with accounts (something that requires being at least 18 years of age), families can still participate! While an adult member of the family would need to be responsible for creating an account and facilitating art sharing, family members could either create collaborative pieces to share that all members contribute to, or by creating their own pieces and sharing via connections built by the adult facilitator. As sharing artwork via mail involves giving out an address online, adult supervision is key to safe participation.

In addition to allowing users to swap art via mail, ATCs for All also has extensive online galleries, where families can see hundreds of beautiful and unique pieces made by other users. While each artist’s style is distinct, the pieces together reflect the creative spirit of the project!

Participating in ATCs for All is an exciting and engaging way for families to participate in art making and creative sharing all year long, and can help children to learn about the many different forms that art can take. Not only can art be a painting or a sculpture, it can be a collage of magazine clippings or an embellished envelope, too – join in to explore endless creative possibilities!




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  1. I live in PIttsfield, MA and am looking to connect with other ATC artists :) are there any “in person” events? or workshops?

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