10 Days of Play: A Multi-Sensory Experience To Energize The Mind

The Science of Play Opens Up Creative & Critical Thinking

Play comes in many forms, but whatever it looks like, it’s great for your brain! The Berkshire Museum celebrates the importance of play during their annual event, 10 Days of Play. Held now through February 22nd, 10 Days of Play celebrates the recreational and educational value of play amongst community members of any age.

This year’s 10 Days of Play celebration highlights If/Then, an exhibit that allows museum visitors to engage in a multi-sensory exploratory experience. Created by local artists and designers, If/Then is accessible to folks of all ages and abilities, as visual clues and cues – rather than text-based ones – guide visitors through the exhibit’s many facets. Visitors are encouraged to run, jump, and otherwise explore with their entire bodies (and all five senses!) in order to experience the limitless creativity that the exhibit inspires.

A visit to If/Then during 10 Days of Play provides families with the opportunity to engage in creative free play inspired by the exhibit’s unique features. Families can do everything from play a game of hopscotch on a giant board to learn how to communicate in secret codes; while there is an obvious way to interact with each facet of the exhibit, there are also limitless possibilities to explore once creativity has been activated! Sure, the climbing wall is great for climbing, but how would your experience with it change if you believed it were actually a gigantic wall filled with giant braille-inspired 3-D messages? Explore for yourself to see what creative possibilities await!

During 10 Days of Play, a special free community night will take place, making the exhibit and the event accessible to the entire community. Free Community Night will be held on Wednesday, February 18th from 5:30-7:30, and participation in 10 Days of Play during regular museum hours is included in admission. For more information, contact the Berkshire Museum at 413-443-7171.

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