FrogWatch Citizen Science Opportunity for All Ages

Learn More About Amphibians While Helping Larger Efforts In Identifying Species

FrogWatch USA is a citizen science program that provides people of all ages with the opportunity to learn about amphibians and help with conservation efforts. Every year from February through August, volunteers collect data on the calls of frogs and toads. This data is then used to identify the species, gain information on their populations, and is used directly in conservation work.

On Friday, February 6, from 6:30pm-9pm, older students and adults can join the Hitchcock Center for the Environment and Mass Audubon for a FrogWatch USA citizen science training session at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary (127 Combs Road, Easthampton, MA). At this program, adults and older students can learn about our native frog and toad species and how to identify them, as well as how they can participate in FrogWatch USA.

Although this particular program is geared towards adults, it is a great chance for parents and caregivers to learn about the citizen science project so they can teach their kids about it – this is not only a great chance for students to become involved in a national citizen science project, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity for families to learn and work together in nature. Call the Hitchcock Center at 413-256-6006 to register. (>$)

Wonder how frogs survive the winter and don’t freeze to death?  Check out this article in Scientific American.

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