The Kids that Sing Together Smile Together

Study Shows Positive Impacts of Singing

Hampshire Chamber Singers at the Hilltown Spring Festival

According to a study by Chorus America, children who sing in choruses have greater academic success and more advanced social skills than children who don’t sing. [Photo credit: (c) Sienna Wildfield]

It’s no secret that music is good for your brain. A Chorus America study found that, while participation in a chorus has benefits for everyone, it seems to have a particularly meaningful effect on children. Children who participate in a chorus were found to achieve more highly in school compared to classmates who weren’t involved in chorus – a statistical representation of the deep learning that chorus participation promotes.

In addition to the learning-based benefits of singing in a chorus, being a part of a singing group helps to ward off chemicals that can cause depression and loneliness. Generally seen as a major benefit for adults, the natural production of extra endorphins and oxytocin (a chemical that decreases stress and anxiety) as a result of singing certainly has benefits for children, too. A singing child is likely to be calm and happy more often than not thanks to the chemicals that choral singing helps to release in their bodies.

Whether your family is made up of chorus participants or not, the holiday season presents a myriad of opportunities to explore choral music in many forms. From vespers services to community caroling, December is jam-packed with chances for families to sink their teeth into choral music – and to perhaps become inspired to participate themselves! Whether or not your children seem to be musically inclined, choral music is worth exploring – especially this time of year. Families can choose from grand college performances, community concerts, informal carol sings, and other exciting musical events through the coming weeks, and can learn about many different types of music and choral performance by attending a concert!

If you’re looking for community choral groups to sing with, or for your children to participate in, check out Together in Song, WGBY’s celebration of the choral tradition in western New England, featuring both community and school groups. You can view the past four seasons of  Together in Song and look forward to their fifth upcoming season this March.

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