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During the cold months of winter, many of the creatures often seen during the rest of the year have migrated south, are tucked away in burrows for most of the winter, or are not easily spotted against the snow. But their signs are still there and a lot of fun to search for and decipher! Looking for signs like tracks, scat, dens, and nests is a fun and educational way to learn about the habits of wildlife living near you.

Mass Audubon offers an online list of the nests to spot in winter to inspire families into winter tracking expeditions! The list includes information on the American Goldfinch, American Robin, Baltimore Oriole, Chipping Sparrow, and even Eastern Gray Squirrels. It also shares information on spotting and identifying different nests and includes facts about the nest’s structure and interesting facts.

Identifying nests with your family can support learning about different bird species while cultivating greater awareness of the many animal signs present in nature. Mass Audubon also has Winter Walk Bingo Cards families can download and print to search for nests and other signs of wildlife.

Maybe even take Kurt’s advice and, after a week of constant below-freezing weather, head to the wetlands and explore an area otherwise not readily accessible outside of winter. Read more in his post, “The Ripple: Winter Wetlands.”

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