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National Museum of Geology and Museum of Romanian Peasant, Bucharest

The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant is one of the institutions that you can access through Google Cultural Institute, an in-depth web based learning resource.

Web-based learning just became more fascinating thanks to Google Cultural Institute! Providing an in-depth look at art, culture, architecture, history, etc. from all over the world, Google Cultural Institute provides endless educational opportunities and extensive information on each topic it covers. Explore the institute to see what fascinating cultural gems you can find!

In our parents’ childhoods, international travel would’ve been a requirement for learning about some of the world’s most beautiful and interesting cultural treasures. In order to tour a European art museum or an Asian architectural wonder, we would’ve needed to physically visit the actual location– meaning a strong commitment to learning about the particular place, as a visit would require hours of expensive travel before and afterwards.

Nowadays, however, the wonders of the world are easily accessible – thanks to Google Cultural Institute! A web-based resource providing in-depth, up-close-and-personal looks at the contents of museums and archives from all over the planet, Google Cultural Institute provides the richness of cultural treasures without the extensive travel. Offering opportunities to learn about everything from the collections of the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant to wartime memorials in Ireland, Google Cultural Institute provides incredibly extensive information, diagrams, and photographs about each subject, location, or artwork included in the institute.

A short summary video offers an introduction to the institute’s purpose, and emphasizes the depth with which users are able to learn. Not only is the provided information extensive – making for much depth in understanding – but images are provided in incredibly high definition, meaning they can be explored with much depth, too. Van Gogh enthusiasts, for example, can get an intimate look at the famous artist’s painting Sunflowers – despite the fact that such a close look would normally require a trip to Amsterdam.

Google Cultural Institute’s resources can be used for targeted learning by using the site’s search function, but casual exploration of the information available on the site can lead to some fascinating discoveries. Additionally, the site is very user-friendly and can help learners of all ages to explore the world’s cultures, history, art, architecture, and more. When users select a topic to explore, they’ll be provided with a mixture of text and images, as well as the occasional diagram. Young learners can use the provided visuals in order to glean information about a topic, while older learners can not only explore images and read their captions, but read the paragraphs of information provided in between images as well. And what rich information they’ll find, too!

It should come as no surprise that a website powered by a search engine super-power is as extensive as Google Cultural Institute, but the full extent of the information provided is almost unbelievable! Don’t miss out on the learning opportunities made available by the site – there is endless information to be explored, and the educational possibilities are endless!

[Photo credit: (cc) Classic Bucharest]

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